What We Do

Children In Need

Provide emotional, spiritual and material support like food, clothing, healthcare and security for neglected and vulnerable children, orphans and motherless babies especially in remote locations.

We strive to restore hope, joy, comfort and self-esteem to neglected and vulnerable children..

The following policy documents are available on request:

1. Child Protection Policy
2. Vulnerable Adults Protection Policy

Love to the Homeless

We show love to the homeless by meeting their needs where gaps are identified.Currently, we help homeless people in the UK in the following ways:

  • Giving warm clothing and blankets to the homeless annually
  • Full English breakfast on a quarterly basis.
  • Free medical checkup.
  • Free grooming (hair and nails).
  • Interactive recreational games.
  • Counselling.

Family Support

Support families to get back on their feet by providing assistance and comfort for neglected families that are in dire need in remote areas in Africa.

Youth Empowerment

We act as a resource, where possible, for deprived young people up to the age of eighteen living in United Kingdom and Africa by providing advice, assistance and educational programmes to facilitate:

  • them to participate in the society as independent, mature and responsible individuals.
  • Further education for a better future.
  • Employment and promote social inclusion.
  • Recreational and leisure activities for youths directed at giving them a positive outlook towards life.
  • Activities for disabled, disadvantaged and deprived groups with a view to improving their conditions.

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